About Us

Buyamrit.com is official online store of Kalpamrit Ayurved Pvt Ltd run by Aaduat Amrit having exclusive ecommerce rights of all products of Kalpamrit Ayurved.

Kalpamrit Ayurved deals in fast moving consumer goods produced under the banner of Maharishi Patanjali Parivaar. Kalpamrit Ayurved is a limited company registered in Uttarakhand under companies act. Swami Karmveer is our torch bearer in the journey of FMCG to Herbal FMCG. We produce herbal food products, herbal cosmetics, herbal juices and Ayurvedic medicines.

Our main focus is to provide healthy products to people and let people aware about health benefits of products produced in same formulas/methods used in Vedic era.